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The Snuggle is Real

The focal point of your bedroom or guest room is the bed - hands down - but what happens when you lay your head down? A well-designed space mixes style with function, and your stylish bed deserves a functional mattress to make the most of your space from day to night.

It's all about you

Does your mattress give you your best sleep experience? How you sleep directly affects how you feel each day – it’s science. Follow this handy checklist and share your needs with in-store sleep specialists so they can help you find a mattress that provides the maximum support and comfort you’ve been dreaming of.

Mattress checklist

Before you start your quest to find better rest, take a minute to target your individual needs and answer these questions.

  • Is this mattress for you, your guests or your kids?
  • Do you sit in bed to watch TV or read?
  • What is your primary sleep position?
  • What health issues are affected by your sleep?
  • How big is your space?
  • What's your budget?

features & functions

Choosing a mattress that will tempt you to hit snooze takes more than picking the right size, base style and firmness or softness. Each mattress has a variety of features and functions designed to meet specific requirements.

Depending on the climate in your space, you may want to keep an eye out for special features like moisture wicking and cooling gel to keep your sleep temperature controlled. Are you committed to the green life? Several mattress styles offer organic materials and hypoallergenic options to keep your space environmentally friendly.

Mattress buying guide

the infamous in-store visit

You’ll spend a third of your life sleeping, so it’s important to take a test drive to really gage the comfort level of each mattress. Do your research before you get to the store in case you have any questions that the associates can clarify. Customer reviews are a great resource, but each individual’s needs vary.

So, don’t be shy – take off your shoes, lie down for at least 15 minutes in your preferred sleep position and ask your associate any questions you may have.

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like night & day

Your mattress may be the key foundation to a good night’s rest, but what about the other 16 hours in your day? Make your bed work for you in the daytime by dressing it up with ample accessories that complement your room’s existing décor. Lush bedding and an assortment of accent pillows is a simple way to add style to your bed. You can even make this focal point more appealing by tossing a pillow or throw with a vibrant color or statement-making pattern on to your bed.

Something as simple as placing your bed against an unexpected wall, in the corner, or even by a window can take your space to the next level. Just remember to place the bed where it makes sense to ensure it doesn’t disrupt the flow of your floor plan. If you have a window in your room, keep in mind the direction the sun shines in – just in case you want to sleep in a little longer.

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