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One of the most difficult, yet most fun trends to tackle in your home is the eclectic aesthetic. This look prides itself on being a mishmash of styles, colors, textures and patterns that somehow all fit together. It's easy to overdo, but keep these five guidelines in mind and you're well on your way to a harmonious, eclectic space.


    Create a visual thread between seemingly opposite pieces by grouping furniture with similar silhouettes and proportions. A sweeping sofa from an estate sale, a vintage table from a flea market and brand-new pillows from the store all bought at different times can combine to create unique, romantic appeal.


    Your larger furnishings, like sofas, tables and bookcases, will take up a lot of space, so choose accent furniture and accessories that are small enough to avoid overcrowding, but still large enough to draw the eye.


    One of the quickest ways to get overwhelmed is trying to decide what colors work together. Be a little fearless and mix and match colors until you find your right balance. Some hacks include starting with a neutral base, like white walls, grouping similar hues but in different patterns, or contrasting small scale patterns with chunky solids.


    Take a deep dive into textures to add depth to your overall look and feel. Cozy a shiny metal lamp up to a wooden box, mix stone with living greenery, pair a soft, solid-colored throw with vibrant, patterned pillows. Layering textures and contrasting materials gives the eye more interesting places to rest and be surprised.

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    The most important thing to have in mind with this "more is more" vibe, is that less is actually more. This is the best decorating scheme for making a personal statement with sentimental objects that don't make sense in other spaces, but the end result should look purposeful and intentional. If a piece doesn’t work, don’t force it, and if you don’t absolutely love it, leave it out.