Meet Your Design Consultant Sherri Ray. Columbus, GA Showroom.

What's your favorite Havertys piece

My favorite piece would have to be the Erin sofa. With the Erin, I can get any look I need out of it – from modern to traditional. The options with this piece are amazing!

Do you have a signature design trick or color?

I wouldn't say so much that I have a design trick, but a personal knack. I love getting to know my clients, and I try to find something about them that I can use in my design to make the room truly feel like it’s a part of them. I believe a home should reflect the family who lives in it and should fit like a comfortable shoe. I have had clients tell me they've used expensive designers who never listened to them, and so they hated the finished product. That would just break my heart.

What's your favorite trend, and what trend do you wish would dissapear?

I am so glad to see color coming back. I'm not a huge fan of lots of neutrals. Neutral sofas are great, but I love pops of color, or even lots of color! Colors create moods and can give the room a "wow" factor. I especially love color in rugs and artwork.

Who are some of your style muses?

I love the timeless style of old Hollywood icons. In Doris Day's old movies, her coat, hat and shoes always matched her dress. Design is a great deal like fashion. The art and accessories are the jewelry that make the room exciting and tell the story of who you are.

What made you want to be a designer?

As a child, when I played with dolls, I created furniture for them out of Hostess boxes and built and decorated homes for them. I don't ever remember a time when I wasn't designing. As an adult, I'm drawn to homes that are fixer-uppers. They give me lots of room to be creative and to make the home my own style.

Sherri's Fav: Erin Sofa See how to create this look
shown in custom Banks Mint fabric
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