Serta® has redesigned the iComfort® Sleep System from the inside out to intelligently respond to your body’s individual needs for comfort, support and temperature regulation.

All iComfort® memory foam models combine breakthrough TempActiv™ Technology that helps comfortably cool and support every curve of your body with a premium all-foam support system.

TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam is Serta’s latest innovation in memory foam, and is the first to infuse TempActiv™ gel technology right into the surface of premium, body-contouring memory foam. This gives the foam an enhanced “cool-to-the-touch” feeling you’ll experience the moment you lie down. Plus, the unique design alternates strips of TempActiv Gel with enhanced ventilation zones so that you can experience both an immediate cooling sensation and excellent temperature regulation through the night.

TempActiv™ Touch Fabric is Serta’s first cover material to have temperature-regulating technology infused directly into the fabric. It is designed to provide an immediate “cool-to-the-touch” feeling and works with the TempActiv™ Max Gel Memory Foam to help dissipate heat for enhanced cooling comfort throughout the night.

EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam is a premium, breathable memory foam infused with a touch of gel for a luxurious feel that helps provide pressure point relief. Plus, it works with the other mattress layers to promote airflow and reduce heat build-up.

The all-new Serta® iComfort Hybrid® mattresses combine the latest breakthrough in gel memory foam technology with the most advanced innerspring support systems.

Serta® Hybrid Coil™: The ideal trifecta of comfort, support and durability. There’s a responsive top section for plush-like comfort, an adaptive middle section for conforming support, and a sturdy bottom section that ensures a consistent, long-lasting feel. From the moment you lay down, all three sections engage to help support every part of your body and send your comfort level to new heights.

TempActiv™ Gel Memory Foam: This gel memory foam is infused with millions of beads of TempActiv™ temperature-regulating gel as well as an additional gel for body support. This helps the mattress capture, store and ultimately dissipate heat away from the sleep surface while also helping to properly support every curve of your body.

EverCool® Fuze Gel Memory Foam is a premium, breathable memory foam infused with a touch of gel for a luxurious and substantial feel that helps relieve pressure points, while promoting airflow to reduce heat build up at the sleep surface.


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