Not Your Typical Sofa
  • Preserve ® Seat Cushions
    • As the world’s first bio-based foam, Preserve® is not only an eco-friendly alternative to conventional petroleum-based foam, but is also a more comfortable and supportive alternative due to the layered technology. The core of each Preserve® cushion is made up of 1.8-density soy-based foam. That layer is sandwiched between two layers of super soft caps for better resiliency, then wrapped in a thin layer of fiber to reduce crushing. The result is a cushion that keeps its shape better while leaving a smaller environmental footprint.

  • 100% Feather Filled Pillows
    • For soft, yet resilient support, these pillows have been filled with feathers, holding their shape better than down-filled pillows. A special liner keeps the contents from poking through. Each feather has been thoroughly cleaned, resulting in virtually allergen-free, breathable pillows.

  • Independent Seating
    • Unlike other spring systems, the deck under each seat is designed separately, eliminating disruption or “lean-over” caused by sitting next to another person. This ensures a completely personal level of comfort.

Lauderdale Sofa