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Wall Décor

Creating a gallery wall in your home is easier than it seems. We've got tips and tricks to help you craft your perfectly imperfect gallery wall.


If you’re ready to create your perfect space, we’re here to help.

How to Choose a Rug

Explore helpful tips and tricks for choosing the right rug to suit your unique style and space.

Handcrafted Lighting

Brighten up your home design and explore our tips for selecting the right lighting options to suit your style.

Add Style and Personality

With our curated collections of decorative accents, you can find everything you need to accessorize every room in your home.


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Room planning tool

See your design in 3D. Easily create a floor plan of your space with our free home designer software that lets you add in our furniture and décor to see how they work in your home.  

Decor & Accessories

Make your space reflect your style and personality with our wide variety of furniture accessories. From wall décor to accent table décor to throw pillows and bedding sets, we have a wealth of items to fit your design or just please your eyes. Light up your space with lighting that provides illumination and adds to your room design. Whether it’s table lighting, task lighting, an arc floor lamp, pendant lights, a ceiling light or a unique chandelier, we have something for you in several materials from metal to wood, and styles from contemporary furniture to traditional furniture. Accent throw pillows can create a polished and coordinated look for your room in addition to giving a soft, welcoming space to sink into and relax. Use them on couches, chairs and beds. Tie together a color palette with our wide selection of color choices from white to green to gray to mustard, turquoise throw pillows and more! No room can go with bare walls. This is the place to really let your personality through. Use wall art to coordinate a color palette. Large pieces can even set the jumping-off point for a color palette for the rest of your room furnishings. Whether you want wall decorations or a decorative wall mirror or art wall décor, we have a large to selection to choose from. Florals and trees breathe life into a space, and best of all, our greenery is no maintenance! Little sunlight? No problem! Our faux accent décor planters still will look lush and healthy, and nobody will know your secret. And for your living plants, we also have a selection of plant stands and hanging planters. Decorative accents such as vases, trays, candles, sculptures and figurines, planters and baskets really add style to a room, whether its farmhouse or coastal or your own eclectic taste. Designers will tell you that the “rule of 3 coordinating pieces together works great for table and shelf décor, so keep that in mind when shopping. With our curated collections of accessories, you can find everything you need to fulfill your design vision in one place.