Decor Inspiration

Countryside Calm

Accessorize your space with décor that’s inspired by light, open spaces

Modern Clarity

Mix metal and glass in your décor to create a modern aesthetic

Sophisticated Serenity

Accent your home with clean lines, high-gloss finishes and cool tones

Southern Seashore

Create an ocean oasis with décor that exudes a bright, beachy vibe


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Décor Ideas

Décor is the spice of your home design. It's the stimulus that draws people's attention and gives them a peek into your taste and style. If you need inspiration for what to put on your tabletops, mantels and shelves, Havertys has a wealth of inspiring ideas at your fingertips. When it comes to decorating your space, think in layers – bare walls need wall décor, such as black and white photography or decorative mirrors. Floors can get cozy with a colorful or textured rug. Get some mood lighting with a wide selection of table lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps. When it comes to lighting, remember the rule of three: ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting. Then it's time to add some personality to surfaces. Again, the rule of three applies in grouping decorative accents on tables, bookshelves and mantels. Look for pieces that are varying heights and textures with similar colors. If you need some inspiration, Havertys put together some looks to give you ideas, or simply shop a collection as you see it. Don't forget to tap our resources, including our H Design Consultants and online 3D Room Planner to see what works in your space.