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A Legacy of Quality Furniture and Service

Havertys creates quality furniture specifically for you and your vision of home. We offer a vast array of styles, at an excellent value so you can create your perfect space. Our website is home to thousands of pieces, including customizable furniture, that opens unlimited design possibilities.

Our legacy

Since J.J. Haverty founded Havertys Furniture Company in downtown Atlanta in 1885, we’ve grown to over 120 stores in 16 states to serve millions of customers. While many things have changed, our core values remain the same. We have continued to provide honest and friendly service and high-quality furniture to help you furnish your dream home.  

Serving communities

At Havertys, we view the strength and success of our company as an opportunity to serve the community around us. We support the following organizations with our time and our financial contributions in order to help improve the world as a whole:

Environmental stewardship

As part of our mission to strive for a greener, cleaner planet we’ve invested almost $1million in equipment that have been recycled: 3.9 million lbs Styrofoam®, 68.1 million lbs cardboard, 9.7 million lbs plastic.

Since 2012, we've converted 81 million pounds of waste to energy and saved: Over 75,000 barrels of oil, 135,000 cubic yards of landfill, 48,151,577 Kilowatt-hours of energy.

Our Vision

We aspire to help our customers bring the vision of their perfect home to life. By offering top-notch service and quality-made furniture, we are here to make that dream possible. Because we’re not happy until you’re happy.

 Our Mission 

 We are driven to delight our customers by offering personalized design, quality home furnishings, and an outstanding customer experience – all while demonstrating a commitment to our team members and delivering consistent value to our shareholders.

 Our Values

We are proud of our history and heritage as we continue our tradition of upholding our core values of integrity, quality and teamwork. We believe that our customers come first in all we do and that it is our values as a company that allow us to deliver exceptional customer experiences.  

Customer focus

We put our customers first in all we do, with a focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences. 


We always play it straight — doing the right thing for our customers, suppliers, and shareholders. 


We endeavor to provide the best quality in our products, and in everything we do.


We understand that the best results happen when we work together.

History & Heritage

We are proud of the company's history of serving customers, delivering value to shareholders, and environmental stewardship — and strive to continue that tradition.