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Get Enlightened

Illuminate your space with lighting options that double down on décor and function. Your choice of lighting can drastically change the tone and style of your space, so it’s important to get it just right. Explore our tips for picking the best lighting option to suit your needs and unique design. From table and floor lamps to chandeliers and pendants, each of our hand-crafted lighting options are thoughtfully selected to bring a bright spot to your home.  
Indie table lamp
Brilliant Accents

Accentuate your style by choosing lighting that adds depth to your home design. Our wide variety of table lamps double down as accent décor and a source of needed light. Want something to add height and light? Choose one of our floor lamps to create eye intrigue and to illuminate your space. 

Image of four chandeliers
Style in Suspension

Add a little flair to your design with one-of-a-kind lighting décor. Chandeliers and pendants offer a light source while also presenting an opportunity to showcase your unique style and taste. From subtle to ornate, these light fixtures make for perfect statement and accent pieces in your home.

Diffused Décor

Most of our shades are crafted with linen to help soften your lighting so that there is no harsh light interference. Explore our wide selection of different shade sizes, shapes and colors to find one that suits your style.

Design Tip:

Chandeliers over tables should have a diameter equal to ½ the width of the table it's over. There should be about 30” between the table and the bottom of the chandelier with an 8’ ceiling. If the ceiling is higher, then increase the distance in small increments.


Special Order Lamp Program

Handcrafted in the USA, each lamp is made-to-order to fit your unique space. Choose from 4 different styles, 2 bases and 9 color options to create a lamp that suits you.

Handcrafted Lighting

Light up your space with lighting that provides illumination and adds to your room design. Make your space reflect your style and personality with our wide variety of lighting accessories. Whether it’s table lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting, an arc floor lamp, pendant lights, a ceiling light or a unique chandelier, we have something for you in several materials from metal to wood, and styles from contemporary furniture to traditional furniture. Explore our more unique lighting options from hand-blown glass to lighting made with organic materials to pieces that feature a high-shine glaze or glossy resin. From stylish to functional and everything in between, we have brilliant lighting accent pieces for you to create your perfect look. Need help deciding on the right lighting? Our talented design consultants are here to help make your dream design a reality.