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Sweet dreams are made of these tips & tricks to transform your bedroom into the ultimate retreat for deep, restful sleep.
Closeup of the feather grey upholstrey tufted headboard of a Hyde Park Bed showing in a room scene.

Make your bed blissfull

Your bed’s linens will boost your bedroom’s décor and also the quality of your night’s sleep. Search for soft, breathable sheets and double up on both a duvet and coverlet ensemble to ensure options for year-round comfort. A mix of touchable textures, including a fluffy throw and quilted covers, create the ultimate in coziness.

Choose a color palette with soft and neutral hues, like grey, beige, blush and blue. Studies show that these shades can slow your heart rate, soothe the eye and calm the mind.

Split image of a Hyde Park bed and a nightstand in a room scene on one side and the Balzano table lamp in a room scene on the other side.

Out like a light

Keep your lighting soft, warm and low for a cozy ambience. As nightfall nears, combine the warm glow of illuminated linen lamp shades with the relaxing aroma of a lavender-scented oil diffuser.

Place nightstands within reach, so you can access nighttime essentials with ease. Turn off lights, retire your reading glasses and stash books in convenient drawer space – all without getting out of bed.

Hyde Park Buffet with one door opening showing the shelves inside in a Bedroom scene

Score a perfect zen

A cluttered room means a cluttered mind, so fill your space with storage solutions that keep disarray at bay. In addition to a chest of drawers for your wardrobe, find a piece that can house extra linens and other stray items. Experts advise to mindfully separate your sleep space from life’s everyday distractions, so it’s smart to stow devices like your phone and laptop as well. The temptation of work emails and social media can detract from a good night’s sleep, but – out of sight, out of mind.

Hyde Park Bed and two Nightstands in Heathered Grey with two Tempurpedic Twin Mattresses on the bed in a room scene.

Sleep on it

No retreat is complete without the right mattress. Find one that helps you achieve your best sleep, whether you need cooling technology, conforming memory foam or the benefit of personalized sleep positions from a split adjustable base.

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