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How to Decorate a Coffee Table

Create a statement with your coffee table. No matter the size or shape of your table, its décor highlights your personality. Deciding what to put on a coffee table requires the right amount of balance to avoid a lackluster tablescape or cluttered chaos. Here are some design tips to L.I.V.E. (life, individuality, variety, elevation) by so you can start creating a charming centerpiece in your home. 
Image of a coffee table with plants on top


Include natural elements like succulents, flowers or even driftwood. A good sign of life is essential to creating a welcoming environment while also offering intriguing décor from every angle. Integrate earthy tones through vases and sculptures to bring an organic charm to your living room.


Image of a glass coffee table with two bird sculptures on top


Introduce unique sculptures or statement pieces that stick to your personal style. They’re eye-catching and make good conversation starters, and these pieces can be changed as often as you change your mind. You can use souvenirs from your travels, or have fun with switching out seasonal décor, like seashells for summer and pumpkins for fall.


Image of a uniquely shaped coffee table


Use a variety of accessories, such as vases, dishes and decorative orbs to make a balanced combination of stunning accents. Worried about making it all seem like it fits together? Displaying accents as pairs or in sets is an easy way to add sophistication and interest to your tablescape without making it look too cluttered or matchy-matchy.


Image of a coffee table with decor of various heights


Experiment with objects of varying height and sizes. This is as easy as stacking (or unstacking) books or choosing a tall bouquet of flowers versus a short succulent. Candlesticks add height, trays are good for containing various smaller accessories, and stacking books give you an enhancing foundation to place decorative accents on top.

Chic Circulars

Introduce a sense of softness and whimsy into your living space with a circular table. Circular tables are great for family and friends to gather around as there are no sharp edges or corners that break up seating. Smooth wooden edges pair well with trays, vases and other décor that mimic the same shape as your table. Add in intriguing items with unique shapes and lines to add contrast and dramatic dimension.

Solid drum tables provide more weight and a strong focal point in your living room while open based round tables create increased flow and openness to a space. Unsure of which to choose? Split the difference with a round table with a pedestal base. 

Regal Rectangles

Create the illusion of length in your living room with a rectangular table. With its narrow width and long length, the rectangular coffee table is perfect for tight spaces. Pair this table with a standalone sofa of similar length to create eye-pleasing balance. In rooms where you have a little more space, add a chair on either side of your coffee table to further elongate your living room, while maintaining focus on your coffee table.  

Double down on décor and function at the same time by choosing a rectangular coffee table that has storage space built in. Feeling minimalistic? Choose a table with a hollow frame to create a more open look. Play around with what configuration you would like to pair with your coffee table to create your tailored style.

Stunning Squares

Ideal for family gatherings in both large and small spaces, square coffee tables provide beautiful balance and dynamic design to create an eye-catching centerpiece in your living room. The natural symmetry created by the square shape contrasts well with asymmetrical L-shaped sectionals. The combination creates a sense of openness so that your family and friends don’t feel cramped. Add in small ottomans or stools for additional seating that won’t make your coffee table feel too enclosed. 

Choose a square coffee table with a bottom shelf to add additional space for accessories to further show off your style or one that has drawers for extra storage space.  


Two Archer Square coffee tables and a Genoa sofa in Slate in a room scene.

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