How to Hang a Gallery Wall

Planning to hang your own gallery wall? Gallery walls are a brilliant way to tell a story and add a personal touch to your home. However, combining a wide array of pieces can be intimidating as you try to fit everything together cohesively. Luckily, creating your own perfectly imperfect gallery wall is easy with our tips and tricks.
Image of four different ways to arrange wall art

Step 1: Plan it out

Start by deciding what style and how big a space you want for your gallery wall. Are you a fan of a grid gallery, random gallery, boxed groupings or symmetrical grouping? Matching or varied? When it comes to creating a gallery wall, anything’s possible!

After deciding your gallery wall’s format, think about which art you’d like to display. Gallery walls are all about balance and finding the right amount of art, framing and space. Use a mixture of horizontal and vertical frames to add interest without disrupting balance. Consider including a variety of pieces like portraits, drawings, fine art, 3D pieces, clocks, mirrors and more.

Single statement piece

Grid gallery

Random gallery wall

Variations sofa with wall art and Mason leather swivel chair

Layered shelf

Design Tip:

When planning a grid design, try to hang an odd number of pieces to add interest. Within your design, you can create mini collections of two, three or four matching pieces for a pulled together look.

Image of woman planning out her wall art arrangement on the floor

Step 2: Pick it out

After you’ve picked out your pieces, plan your entire arrangement by laying them on your floor to visualize what everything will look like before hanging it on your wall. Start with a large centerpiece to serve as your aesthetic anchor, and then begin building out the rest of your design. Capture the “big picture” by thinking of your gallery wall as one large piece of art instead of a collection of several smaller pieces.

Design Tip:

Snap photos of different arrangements so you can look back and pick the one you like best.

Woman taking measurements next to her sofa

Step 3: Create templates

After you’ve decided on your arrangement, trace each frame onto tissue paper (wrapping paper works, too!) and then cut them to size. Tape each template onto the wall in your desired spot to help you plan your gallery wall without leaving behind unwelcome nail holes. The center of your gallery should hang approximately 57 inches above the floor, standard eye height. Keep your frames two to three inches apart throughout your entire gallery wall to ensure an even distribution. If you’re hanging your gallery above furniture, plan for your lowest frame to be five to eight inches above the top of the piece. Using your frame templates for guidance, adjust accordingly.

Image of woman hanging her wall art

Step 4: Hang your gallery

Use your tissue paper templates as a guide to mark where nail placements should be before you start hammering. Make the hanging process easy by hammering the nail into the template to mark your wall for each frame. After you’ve marked the spots, hang everything up and watch your gallery come to life!

Remember, gallery walls are meant to keep growing. Continue to build your masterpiece with new pieces that inspire you.


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